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Re: F-Commerce: Business Boom or Bust?
Posted by: Mark Venezia 2012-10-18 08:59:50
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Discussions on Facebook's IPO and inability to market successfully have been a topic of discussion for months. Sure, Facebook has a reach of nearly a billion users, but until it can be successfully monetized, is investing in Facebook commerce a boom or a bust? The real discussion is not about Facebook's IPO or current trading price, but rather whether Facebook is a good vehicle for marketing and, if it is, if businesses understand how to harness a vast pool of potential customers that normally takes years to accumulate.

Re: F-Commerce: Business Boom or Bust?
Posted by: Treepodia 2012-12-16 12:12:32 In reply to: Mark Venezia
A great way to harness the power of f-commerce is to combine it with the power of video. Product videos are an easy way to beautifully present your products in a plastic and enticing way which can easily be shared on social networks (or THE social network, Facebook).
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