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SugarCRM Refines Customer Analytics for Sales

"Yesterday, CRM was all about capturing data and putting that data model up on a screen for a company," said SugarCRM CTO Clint Oram. "Now CRM is about putting analytics around a customer to help reps and managers make better sales decisions." It is the same trajectory that the CRM industry as a whole is on, and Sugar's integrations with Dun & Bradstreet and Marketo are in keeping with that goal.
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Are We There Yet? The Long Road to the CRM Revolution

As communication methods change, CRM has had to change too. That's why social CRM has commanded so much bandwidth over the years, and why smart people predict the demise of the term as social functionality becomes an inherent part of CRM applications. Many businesses have yet to figure out what to do with social CRM information, and CRM vendors have yet to turn out a true social CRM application.
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Re: Are We There Yet? The Long Road to the CRM Revolution 2  cldm   2014-04-18 15:01:45 
Re: Answer Customers' Calls - Even When the Phone's Not Ringing 2  aartijune   2014-04-17 07:18:50 
Re: Don't Overlook the Mobile Searcher 2  brysonmeunier   2014-04-16 08:14:31 
Re: Small Biz CRM Secrets Any Business Can Use 2  MayfieldPrints   2014-04-14 16:02:31 
Re: Digging Deeper Into CRM Data 3  mikerich61   2014-04-14 00:44:33 
Re: Setting Goals and Rewards 2  harryche   2014-04-11 22:18:50 
Re: Big Data and the Process Revolution 3  mikerich61   2014-03-24 03:52:19 
Re: Customers' Comings and Goings Not Always Linked to Satisfaction 3  mikerich61   2014-03-10 05:39:23 
Re: The Customer Experience Jury Is In 2  Watcheezy   2014-03-03 08:08:01 
Re: Looking for Customer Love in All the Right Places 3  mikerich61   2014-02-28 07:28:58 
Re: The 3 Ages of CRM 3  mikerich61   2014-02-28 07:19:54 
Re: The Call Center in the Cloud 2  andym394   2014-02-28 03:43:50 
Re: Give Customers a Buying Experience They Can't Resist 3  mikerich61   2014-02-21 08:36:05 
Re: Comcast-TWC Customers: Be Afraid, Very Afraid 2  Larryyarma   2014-02-21 06:50:32 
Re: Completeness Is the New Black 2  wspendlove   2014-02-18 09:55:21 
eu 1  famullar   2014-02-14 12:39:31 
Re: iBeacon: It's Time for Mobile Marketers to See the Light 2  famullar   2014-02-14 12:36:32 
Re: 4 Processes for Turning Customer Ire Into Loyalty 1  Christopher J. Bucholtz   2014-02-07 09:12:47 
Re: Winning the CRM Race 3  mikerich61   2014-01-31 03:25:37 
Re: CRM's Collaboration Conundrum 3  mikerich61   2014-01-16 08:44:33 

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