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CRM's 'Show Me' Video Revolution

"We've been trying to find better ways to work with customers forever," said Denis Pombriant, principal at Beagle Research Group. Video in CRM is "a good way to use your most expensive asset -- your people -- effectively. Staff can "apply their unique insights and people skills more effectively while letting your increasingly good automated systems handle easier stuff."
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If You Build a Structure, Sales Enablement Will Come

There's a way to make sales enablement achieve what its name suggests. However, businesses have to back up and reassess what they need. Too many of them think the answer is more content. That's actually the problem in many cases: There's too much content, and sales reps can't find what they need when they need it. The issue is one of structure and organization.
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Re: CRM for the Small Business, Part 8: Scaling Up 2  Intelestream   2010-04-30 22:02:23 
Re: Social Media Adventures in the New Customer World 2  brightidea   2010-04-30 11:19:25 
Re: Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Closing the Deal With Electronic Signatures 3  Sripathy   2010-04-29 04:08:29 
Re: How Do You Take Your Lock-In? 2  davenewman   2010-04-28 10:52:09 
Re: Social Media for B2B: This Time It's Personal 3  CarlaG   2010-04-27 22:49:19 
Re: B2B vs. B2C CRM: What's the Diff? 2  Intelestream   2010-04-23 15:07:11 
Re: Talking to Your Tribe 2  Intelestream   2010-04-22 15:02:52 
Re: Strike While the Social CRM Iron Is Hot 2  Intelestream   2010-04-22 00:39:24 
Re: Don't Forget B2B CRM 2  AxelS   2010-04-21 11:18:48 
Re: Salesforce.com Cuts Ribbon on Chatter App Exchange 2  emschles   2010-04-13 08:30:31 
Re: Is Your Company Chatterizeable? 2  emschles   2010-04-13 08:23:21 
Re: Latin America: Outsourcing's New Hot Spot 5  william583   2010-03-29 22:24:43 
Re: Top 5 Ways CRM Decision Makers Go Astray 2  dtyler99   2010-03-25 18:21:34 
Re: Survey Totes Up Value of Excellent Online Customer Service 2  awright80   2010-03-23 02:33:10 
Re: Crazy Bad Luck for Casino ATM Customers 12  jackhenry   2010-03-19 10:25:47 
Re: Workforce Management: Beyond Time and Attendance 3  JonAdmin   2010-03-17 19:22:14 
Re: How to Know When Enough Customer Service Is Enough 2  robinjs19   2010-03-15 14:11:38 
Re: Social CRM: Walk Before You Run 2  talyarj   2010-03-01 02:53:09 
Re: Recessionary Times Call for Recessionary Marketing 3  anthois   2010-02-21 11:33:23 
Re: Salesforce.com Aims to Make Office Chatter Productive 2  emschles   2010-02-19 08:19:29 

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