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Are We There Yet? The Long Road to the CRM Revolution

As communication methods change, CRM has had to change too. That's why social CRM has commanded so much bandwidth over the years, and why smart people predict the demise of the term as social functionality becomes an inherent part of CRM applications. Many businesses have yet to figure out what to do with social CRM information, and CRM vendors have yet to turn out a true social CRM application.
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Michaels Crafts Artless Response to Customer Data Breach

Customers are no longer shocked to learn that some of their data might have been compromised in a security breach, as such events have become all too common. However, customers have expectations as to how brands should behave when their customers have been exposed, and Michaels scored somewhere in the neighborhood of C-minus. The company followed the playbook but didn't convey that it cared much.
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Re: Why the Social Media Marketing Backlash Is a Good Thing 3  pmahoney1959   2010-06-09 13:03:44 
Re: Salesforce.com's Jigsaw Buy: The End of Advertising? 2  nancya   2010-06-09 12:57:22 
Re: The Retail Industry's CRM Implementation Problem 2  Intelestream   2010-05-21 08:55:48 
Re: How Customer Segmentation Can Unravel CRM 2  mikeboysen   2010-05-19 03:41:45 
Re: The Big Business of Electronic Health Records, Part 1 2  JEngdahlJ   2010-05-14 10:02:59 
Re: Greasing Online Gears to Boost State Government CRM 2  PubSecCRM   2010-05-11 07:31:01 
Re: No-Cost Innovation: Capitalize on Customer Ideas 2  sridhai   2010-05-07 00:16:10 
Re: The Terminology Wars 2  webbased   2010-05-06 11:11:11 
Re: Hop On the Social CRM Express 2  Intelestream   2010-04-30 22:16:43 
Re: CRM for the Small Business, Part 8: Scaling Up 2  Intelestream   2010-04-30 22:02:23 
Re: Social Media Adventures in the New Customer World 2  brightidea   2010-04-30 11:19:25 
Re: Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Closing the Deal With Electronic Signatures 3  Sripathy   2010-04-29 04:08:29 
Re: How Do You Take Your Lock-In? 2  davenewman   2010-04-28 10:52:09 
Re: Social Media for B2B: This Time It's Personal 3  CarlaG   2010-04-27 22:49:19 
Re: B2B vs. B2C CRM: What's the Diff? 2  Intelestream   2010-04-23 15:07:11 
Re: Talking to Your Tribe 2  Intelestream   2010-04-22 15:02:52 
Re: Strike While the Social CRM Iron Is Hot 2  Intelestream   2010-04-22 00:39:24 
Re: Don't Forget B2B CRM 2  AxelS   2010-04-21 11:18:48 
Re: Salesforce.com Cuts Ribbon on Chatter App Exchange 2  emschles   2010-04-13 08:30:31 
Re: Is Your Company Chatterizeable? 2  emschles   2010-04-13 08:23:21 

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