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Comcast Rep Tears Into Fleeing Customer 'Like a Pit Bull on a Pork Chop'

Ryan Block's Comcastic disconnection recording may have gone viral less because the Comcast rep rang the bell on the aggressiveness meter than because so many listeners could relate. Though analyst Jeff Kagan recalled having "plenty of bad experiences with Comcast," he found Block's ordeal astonishing. "I have not faced a situation like this one," he said. Then again, I never called to cancel."
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SAP, Esri Beat the Clock With Native Integrations

Providing native integration of SAP and Esri products means greater flexibility for users who might want to try new configurations with a data set but otherwise wouldn't have the time, said SAP's Ashish Sahu. "These are busy people -- they don't have the time to go outside of the application, as they had to before ... . With our integration, users don't have to leave the application at all."
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Re: Apple Still Thinks It Controls the Customer Conversation 6  charel   2010-07-26 01:21:25 
Re: Health Information Exchanges, Part 2: The IT Challenges 2  JEngdahlJ   2010-07-09 08:24:12 
Re: Health Information Exchanges, Part 1: Follow That Patient 2  JEngdahlJ   2010-07-06 09:04:37 
Re: Investments Bleed When You Cut Costs: Q&A With Tigerpaw CEO Dave Foxall 3  jasonleeIT   2010-06-29 11:13:59 
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Re: Where Leads Go to Die 2  Gate2Shop   2010-06-20 22:35:37 
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Re: How CRM Can Suffer When It Crosses Borders 2  appleli   2010-06-14 02:17:34 
Re: A Red-Letter Week for CRM 2  9335727626   2010-06-10 12:48:11 
Re: Why the Social Media Marketing Backlash Is a Good Thing 3  pmahoney1959   2010-06-09 13:03:44 
Re: Salesforce.com's Jigsaw Buy: The End of Advertising? 2  nancya   2010-06-09 12:57:22 
Re: The Retail Industry's CRM Implementation Problem 2  Intelestream   2010-05-21 08:55:48 
Re: How Customer Segmentation Can Unravel CRM 2  mikeboysen   2010-05-19 03:41:45 
Re: The Big Business of Electronic Health Records, Part 1 2  JEngdahlJ   2010-05-14 10:02:59 

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