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The Terrifying Numbers Behind a Whopping Marketing Failure

Lead scoring and lead nurturing bring massive benefits for your marketing and sales efforts. Nurturing maximizes your investment in lead generation; scoring results more leads that are well qualified and ultimately close, meaning that sales makes its numbers more often and does so with less effort. These performance increases justify time spent to build nurturing and scoring programs.
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Picture This: Instagram for CRM

"I love the way brands like Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger or General Electric use Instagram," said social media consultant Marion aan 't Goor. They "involve Instagrammers with their activities, by inviting them to come to a fashion show, or to their factories in the case of GE, and to take a look around behind the scenes ... . The greatest thing a brand on Instagram can do is involve their followers."
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Re: Sustainable Social Media Strategies for Retail and Corporate Banking, Part 2 2  RuthW   2010-12-02 09:03:13 
Re: TCO, ROI and the Difference Between Price and Cost 2  Intelestream   2010-11-30 10:22:14 
Re: Sharpening the Social Toolset 2  Intelestream   2010-11-09 15:56:14 
Re: OEMs Get a Lot of SugarCRM Poured on Them 2  martinlc   2010-10-01 20:59:32 
Re: Is It CRM Time Yet? 2  Intelestream   2010-09-20 16:43:17 
Re: The ROI of CRM 2  Intelestream   2010-09-03 11:15:10 
Re: How to Build a Better Business Blog 2  wcms-systems   2010-09-03 04:21:30 
Re: Health Insurance Consumers Should Seize More Control 2  Lrqausa1   2010-08-30 06:31:36 
Re: Analytics and Social CRM: Parallel Evolution? 2  lisamiller   2010-08-29 11:23:00 
Re: Apple Still Thinks It Controls the Customer Conversation 6  charel   2010-07-26 01:21:25 
Re: Health Information Exchanges, Part 2: The IT Challenges 2  JEngdahlJ   2010-07-09 08:24:12 
Re: Health Information Exchanges, Part 1: Follow That Patient 2  JEngdahlJ   2010-07-06 09:04:37 
Re: Investments Bleed When You Cut Costs: Q&A With Tigerpaw CEO Dave Foxall 3  jasonleeIT   2010-06-29 11:13:59 
Re: The Real Killer App Inside Chatter 2  emschles   2010-06-29 10:37:04 
Re: Where Leads Go to Die 2  Gate2Shop   2010-06-20 22:35:37 
Re: The State of BPM: Poised for Takeoff 2  IPDSolution   2010-06-14 12:16:26 

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