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Salesforce's Wave Is Only Half the Analytics Answer

To really use Wave to its best advantage, the onus is on both Salesforce and the users. Salesforce needs to be aggressive in its content marketing and help educate its customers in an ongoing way about how to use the application right. It needs to provide some inspirational and aspirational content to help customers think about extending the depth of what they're measuring.
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Mea Culpa: Social Media Apology Do's and Don'ts

"A really good apology can completely repair a mistake. People would prefer to deal with businesses that seem grown-up, that seem responsive," noted SorryWatch cofounder Susan McCarthy. "A company that apologizes well and fixes the problem is probably a company that if you buy something that breaks, they'll fix it, or if a salesperson is rude to you, they'll make it up to you. It increases trust."
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Re: Conspiracy of Culture: 5 Contributors to CRM Failure 5  bradhodson   2014-08-08 13:56:15 
Re: Are We There Yet? The Long Road to the CRM Revolution 6  successwithcrm   2014-08-07 08:13:51 
Re: What Holds Back CRM Success: Executive Fear 3  successwithcrm   2014-08-07 07:56:10 
Re: Marketing to Mobile Millennials: Misperceptions and Myths 2  dommaden   2014-07-17 06:12:23 
Re: The Amazon Fire Phone's Mayday Effect 2  AdrianTheGreat24   2014-07-14 11:37:00 
Re: Cutting Through the Data Clouds to Build Strong Customer Relationships 2  Galagalimart   2014-07-02 03:36:46 
Re: 5 Ways Social CRM Builds Indirect Channel Relationships 3  mikerich61   2014-06-30 05:18:16 
Re: Going Off-Script to Delight Customers 3  mikerich61   2014-06-23 01:41:43 
Re: Break the Language Barrier by Learning Your Customers' Native Tongues 3  bradhodson   2014-06-19 18:01:11 
Re: Why Mobile Providers Will Have to Give a Little on Privacy 2  marufoitl   2014-06-10 01:55:15 
Re: Whodunnit? 4 Suspects in CRM Murder Mystery 4  Mike_Driver   2014-06-09 06:35:59 
Re: Report: CRM Is Going Strong 3  mikerich61   2014-05-30 07:29:30 
Re: Using Reporting Tools to Turn CRM Around 3  mikerich61   2014-05-19 06:38:50 
Re: KlearGear Admitted to Social CRM Hall of Shame 2  Sushant12   2014-05-05 22:35:08 
Re: Marketing Automation's Next Gig 3  mikerich61   2014-04-30 04:40:44 
Re: Transaction or Process? 4  SusanObi   2014-04-29 10:11:53 
Re: 3 Ways to Source Ideas From Your Customers 3  mikerich61   2014-04-25 05:48:47 

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