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Benioff Flees Facebook in Search of Peace

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has quit Facebook and shut down his account, sparking speculation as to his motives. Is Salesforce at odds with Facebook? Is Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg no longer Benioff's BFF? Is Salesforce planning something with Twitter? "I'm on a FB pause," Benioff posted on Robert Scoble's Twitter account, in response to his query. "It was too overwhelming to keep up to date."
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Dreamforce and Then Some

The enterprise will be adopting many of the platform technologies displayed on the Dreamforce show floor in order to support more automated processes, which rapidly are replacing the transactions we've grown to accept in many vendor-customer interactions. "Process" isn't exactly a new watchword yet, but once it officially starts, the shift to process will be rapid.
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Re: 3 Ways CRM Can Help Sales in the IoT Era 2  helder   2015-10-08 00:09:44 
Re: Inventory Management on a Shoestring 5  hankmoody   2015-09-18 00:40:39 
Re: Why Mobile CRM Rules 5  larajones   2015-08-27 05:28:13 
Re: Salesforce's Lightning Announcement 2  BigB88   2015-07-30 07:09:43 
Re: 5 Modules That Will Rock Your Business 3  quickfms   2015-07-21 00:48:44 
Re: Meaningful Work and CRM 2  quickfms   2015-07-17 02:38:19 
Re: Customer Experience Is Everyone's Department 2  LMasiello   2015-07-14 07:53:59 
Re: Wrangling Big Data: When in Doubt, Think Like a Customer 2  prisync   2015-07-13 22:13:53 
Re: Workforce Management: Beyond Time and Attendance 4  ChrisMaldini   2015-07-07 11:26:44 
Re: CFPB: Mortgage Servicers Still Rooking Consumers 2  Brian_Moore   2015-06-30 08:49:32 
Re: Cirrus Insight Gives Salesforce Users DIY Flexibility 2  IrynaD   2015-05-01 00:39:59 
Re: Optimizing the Brick-and-Mortar Customer Experience 2  kumarpritam   2015-04-04 09:42:27 
Re: Report: Most Insurance Customers Are Fed Up 2  ajfengr   2015-02-28 09:50:19 
Re: The Top 20 CRM Blogs of 2014, Part 2 5  schipman   2015-02-11 06:09:29 
Re: Verizon Addresses Supercookie Conundrum 2  AureliePols   2015-02-05 01:14:09 
Re: CFPB Shifts Some Power to Mortgage Shoppers 2  cpinaud   2015-01-14 11:37:06 
Re: Things Not to Say to an Irate Customer, or Anthem's Epic Fail 3  weingarten   2014-12-04 18:58:12 
Re: The Terrifying Numbers Behind a Whopping Marketing Failure 2  sherylw   2014-12-02 15:19:38 
Re: The Intangibles: 5 Things That Aren't on the CRM Data Sheets 5  RebeccaJohnson   2014-11-27 05:02:46 
Re: Hear, Hear: The Rise of Social Listening 2  ikasapov   2014-11-25 03:32:48 

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Reap the reward of the holiday shopping buzz