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Re: Farmers, Breeders Faced With Animal-Tracking System Deadline
Posted by: Nancy Cohen 2006-01-17 08:56:56
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If corporate managers have Sarbanes-Oxley compliance to blame for late nights and lost sleep, those in the livestock and poultry industries have plenty of compliance worries of their own, triggered by NAIS, which stands for the National Animal Identification System. NAIS is a multi-year, phased-in project that the U.S. Department of Agriculture is developing. Still in its early stages, NAIS will be a mandatory program by 2009. As a disease-sleuthing animal tracking system, it will seek to identify all agricultural animals to determine where they've been.

Re: Farmers, Breeders Faced With Animal-Tracking System Deadline
Posted by: argus 2006-01-17 15:14:31 In reply to: Nancy Cohen
I cannot say all that should be said about the NAIS issue in the space allowed. Suffice to say-what you have done to an American way of life is horrifying. I am a small farmer on a fixed income and cannot afford all your bells and whistles. I cannot in all good conscience allow the gov and your instruments to continually survey my life. I am selling my herd of horses at the next auction. The feed man, the vet, the farrier and all related show/trail systems will suffer for it. This is a poorly thought out law made strictly for corporate greed, both yours and agribusiness, who are exempt.

Re: Farmers, Breeders Faced With Animal-Tracking System Deadline
Posted by: munchkinkitty 2006-01-23 20:07:03 In reply to: argus
I am apalled and angry by this intrusive, unconstitutional government program.
Can someone please explain to me why my trio of silky bantams in my backyard will have to be registered and tagged? They don't go anywhere and there is no commercial chicken farm within a hundred miles of me. Why does the government want my social security number and the GPS coordinates of my house because I have 3 pet chickens???? And I have to PAY a registration fee to own them!
It's especially bad in Texas, where people can be fined up to $1000/day for non-compliance.
I'm glad the anti-nais group stopanimalid.org is making headway in stopping this nonsense.
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