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Re: The Data Liberation Movement
Posted by: Rob May 2010-09-20 17:10:40
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Renaissance Italy created an explosion of new ideas across art, science and culture, but the biggest idea to come from that era was the idea of the modern bank. By creating an independent entity to hold and protect customer assets, modern banking helped lay the foundation for modern capitalism, and all the wealth that it has created. The beautiful thing about banks is that when you put your money in, you still own it. You can withdraw it at any time, usually in a matter of minutes. If only cloud computing could work this way.

The Information Bank
Posted by: S-C 2010-09-22 06:55:27 In reply to: Rob May
The banking analogy is a good one, but don't forget that not all cloud vendors are the same. This is very much down to the due diligence of the purchaser - examine the vendor in detail before you buy.

And on the lock-in point; lock in was created by LAN based vendors using propriety storage and encryption formats. Their customers are well and truly lock-in.

Cloud lock-in is simply not an issue with a reputable cloud vendor. IT may apply to some cloud-washing vendors, but mostly it's FUD.
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