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Re: Are Pop-Up Ads Killing Themselves?
Posted by: Jay Lyman 2002-10-28 15:00:54
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Pop-up ads can interrupt, slow or even ruin a Web surfer's experience, but these annoying products of the online ad slump can be eliminated using a number of methods -- including free, third-party software that deflects unwanted browser windows. On the other hand, unsupported third-party software can cause configuration or stability problems, Gartner vice president David Smith told the E-Commerce Times. And some some pop-up-killing tools trade one problem for another because they include spyware.

Re: Are Pop-Up Ads Killing Themselves?
Posted by: LioNiNoiL 2003-05-12 21:01:07 In reply to: Jay Lyman
If popup ads *are* killing themselves, they are certainly taking their time doing so. PUK software is still among the most popular downloaded app on the 'Net, and more is being written every week. Have *you* noticed a decrease in the number of popup ads?
Me neither.

Re: Are Pop-Up Ads Killing Themselves?
Posted by: kq9j 2003-01-03 18:56:40 In reply to: Jay Lyman
The solution is to use browsers such as opera or phoenix that offer the easy ability to block popups..no third-party software is required. with proper configuration and plugins, these can offer full functionality with "designed for Internet explorer" sites.

Re: Are Pop-Up Ads Killing Themselves?
Posted by: ealar 2002-12-29 19:41:04 In reply to: Jay Lyman
IE users trying to avoid popups always strike me as funny. Use the right tool for the job and get over your "superior browser" that seems to have more flaws than features.
Seriously, why does anyone (especially someone with enough knowledge to be downloading third-party popup killers that will probably cause more problems than they fix) use that bloated slow pos anymore?

Re: Are Pop-Up Ads Killing Themselves?
Posted by: jleahy 2003-01-29 12:07:29 In reply to: ealar
Your browser preference is well taken, but ill-advised. In the browser market, it is best to not have a preference and impose it on others. Why? Because it's just an opinion. I develop ecommerce for every browser. All have their faults, including Opera. Multiple browsers create developing nightmares, but still forge better browsing for the consumer in the long run because of their competition. My advice is to let go of your browser 'issues' and look at the big picture, it's a good one.

Re: Are Pop-Up Ads Killing Themselves?
Posted by: ScottGordon 2002-10-29 02:49:52 In reply to: Jay Lyman
I found a fantastic ad blocker for FLASH ads
i can't say how much i love this program
install it reboot and the next time you go online just right click the ad and choose "ADD TO BLOCK LIST "

Re: Are Pop-Up Ads Killing Themselves?
Posted by: EyeD 2002-10-28 17:55:26 In reply to: Jay Lyman
the new evil taking over the pop-up is the flash ad which often takes over a whole page, it's swapping a bad thing for a worse one.
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