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Re: Legal Darts Won't Pop PayPal's IPO Balloon
Posted by: Keith Regan 2002-02-07 23:03:22
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Uh-oh. That likely was the reaction of just about everyone paying attention -- and plenty
of people are -- when word came that PayPal's IPO would not take place as planned because
of a patent infringement lawsuit filed against the company. But this setback is just a
bump in the road. PayPal will stay the course. It has to. Whether it wants to or not, the
company is carrying the weight of the dot-com world on its shoulders.

Re: Legal Darts Won't Pop PayPal's IPO Balloon
Posted by: Mark4 2003-05-13 00:57:28 In reply to: Keith Regan
Legal Darts are the least of Paypal's troubles. There are thousands upon thousands of anti-paypal websites, chat rooms, and discussion lists out there, and they are growing. Most savvy online shoppers know to steer clear of Paypal which is completely boycotted by an entire generation of computer users. It is a sinking ship. Big time. And they will never be able to do the damage control at this point. check out http://www.paypalsucks.com for starters. Then surf to your heart's content (there are hundreds more). Some of the stories you'll find will make even the most hardened investors weary of such unimaginably poor service practices. I even saw a bumper sticker today in the town of Champaign, Illinois with a Paypal logo and a line through it. I wouldn't put a dollar on that dog.

Re: Legal Darts Won't Pop PayPal's IPO Balloon
Posted by: nuages 2002-02-14 08:39:23 In reply to: Keith Regan
As a full-time auction seller for 4+ years, I've used PayPal for almost 2 years. Their product and service has been great. Just like ebay, PayPal customers keep coming back to what works for them. The momentum of 12-13 million satisfied users should carry them through these attacks by the baloon-poppers.

Re: Legal Darts Won't Pop PayPal's IPO Balloon
Posted by: MsLiberty 2002-02-12 03:11:07 In reply to: Keith Regan
Mr. Regan, how come you have no email address listed?
I want to send you information about PayPal, and I am
forced to go to this board to get your attention. Please
contact me.

Re: Legal Darts Won't Pop PayPal's IPO Balloon
Posted by: captaincommerce 2002-02-10 10:56:03 In reply to: Keith Regan
GO-GO Pay Pal. What a public perception burden to bear. To be the first in a year, it is important however that the IPO dotcom flow be re-established. Even if at the considered pace of prudent exuberence, capital must flow business and applications must grow. Pay Pal has a good business model, the offering should go well.


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