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Re: Tips for E-Commerce-Challenged Telcos
Posted by: Linda Bustos 2009-12-14 02:40:09
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Selling wireless and media products online is a complex challenge that often falls short of the expectations of seasoned online shoppers and results in a frustrating user experience. Wireless and cable operators, wireless resellers and handset manufacturers try to mirror online shopping with their online retail peers but despite their efforts, the complexities of back-end provisioning processes and legacy business rules often surface for customers to see.

salesperson effect
Posted by: Talya Rachel Judovits 2009-12-14 05:10:20 In reply to: Linda Bustos
Shopping for telecommunication devices online involves a multitude of questions on a shopper’s mind. This is why it is especially important for the online site to emulate a real store. Guided navigation should very much act as a salesperson, filtering down customer choices and facilitating an easy, yet informative purchase.

Customers should not be overwhelmed or frustrated with the products displayed in front of them, rather animated to further progress with their search. If customers are easily guided and get the correct product result pages for their typed in queries, they are more likely to stay…search…buy.
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