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Re: Uncle Sam Moving Its Yard Sales to eBay
Posted by: ECT News 2001-04-27 18:30:04
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Gone are the days when visiting dusty warehouses and digging through bins of
junk were the only ways to buy bargains from the government. Now a number of
government agencies have gone high tech and are using Web sites like eBay to auction off surplus
property, ranging from jalopies to jewelry.

About 12 government entities list regularly on eBay, according to
Don Coy, eBay's senior manager of business development. Additionally,
Coy told the E-Commerce Times that more government agencies are
testing the online auction waters -- sometimes posting their listings anonymously.

Re: Uncle Sam Moving Its Yard Sales to eBay
Posted by: daveseabury 2003-03-03 11:22:48 In reply to: ECT News
I am trying to gather more info as to the govt. agencies referred to in this article. I have unsuccessfully tried to contact the Lori Enos, author of the article. I am also finding it difficult to "contact" ebay with similar inquiries.
Here is the text of the message that I tried to send to Lori Enos:
Dear Lori,
I work as (among other things) the salvage supervisor, for the Presidio Trust in San Francisco. We are a federal agency, and I am in charge of disposing of our excess property.
I was curious about this quote in your article:
"About 12 government entities list regularly on eBay, according to Don Coy."
Are these federal, state or municipal agencies, or all three? I'm researching what options might be available to our agency for selling off salvage material that we no longer need. We (The Presidio Trust) are currently working with GSA on proper screening, and sales of excess property, but are also trying to find other alternatives that fall within the parameters of U.S. govt. property regulations.
Is there a way that I can find out the names of government agencies disposing of property on eBay that are referred to in the article?
Thank you for your time!
Dave Seabury
Presidio Trust
Waste Reduction Coordinator
(415) 561-4260 (office)
(415) 850-8047 (Nextel)
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