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Re: Marketing Tools Battle Budding for Mobile Phones
Posted by: Gene J. Koprowski 2006-05-19 17:25:22
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Which mobile marketing technology is most effective? Is it short message service, or instant dialing? Evidence is now emerging that can help advertising agencies -- and brand marketers -- determine which direct marketing technology is best for persuading consumers. It may be too early to tell whether SMS or IM will win consumers' and marketers' hearts, but I am willing to agree that we're starting to get a picture of the emerging marketplace.

Re: Marketing Tools Battle Budding for Mobile Phones
Posted by: rmencke 2006-05-19 17:30:33 In reply to: Gene J. Koprowski
I am wondering if this research is for US only or worldwide. Originally being from Denmark and have spend 6 years in San Francisco. I believe that the US mobile market is still not at the level where Europe was 5 years ago. SMS is so dominent in Europe that it is a clear winner. In the US the market is up for grabs, since SMS has not really kicked off. I believe that we will see a huge growth in the US for mobile applications and that we might end up with IM's as the winner over SMS unless the younger users of cell phones adapt to it over the next couple of years.
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